fun with christians!

Saw “Jesus Camp” last week. Man o man, what a scary bunch of turbo freaks!  These people re-define delusional. At one point, the fat, crazy leader starts praying over the power point equipment, blessing the dvd player and admonishing the devil to stay away from their electricity! No, really!

..and the speaking in tongues bullshit! Do they really …really believe that shit? It’s so transparently phony. Truly appalling. But the saddest part of all is these poor dumb kids who are brainwashed into believing this nonsense. Will they ever grow out of this? I have cause to hope so. I was brought up in a very, very strict Catholic household. Both parents daily church-goers (or as Catholics say “daily communicants”) and both rock ribbed republicans. At about the age of 13 or so, I began to realize that all that nonsense really made no logical sense. In other words, the dark light of reason dawned on me. Satan ruled the day with me from then on, i’m afraid. Now I’m lost to the evils of reason and logic. the god of empiricism has indeed won out.

anyway, those creatures populating that film are the sorriest bunch of boobs i’ve seen in a long time.

Can you imagine? Can you explain? They venerate George W Boob Bush, for chrissake.

Lord help us!

3 responses to “fun with christians!

  1. Have you seen “Saved!” ? Fuad and I saw it when it was out. He walked away saying “the great thing about Christians and America is that people can make movies like this that are both critical and satirical. Back home (middle-east), something like this about Islam would be banned, cause riots and result in beheadings.”

    I put things a little more in perspective. “Christianity was like that once too.”

  2. Oh god! I’d forgotten completely about that movie. Yeah I saw it, and I remember the toxic teenage Christian cheerleader.
    I have read about a fast growing number of Christian fundamentalists who would impose a Christian form of Sharia law on us if and when they get the power. And they’re working on it. If they can swing a Fred Thompson or even a Mitt Romney in ’08 then that’s their goal. They must be really upset amongst themselves that a Mormon is their front runner choice. Almost as bad as a catholic.

  3. Rob and Richey: That one has religious freedom in this country is indeed something to be thankful for. Sadly Fuad is right about where he hails from. For whatever it is worth, I am no big fan of the evangelical subculture. Would that some in that subculture would see what they are doing! Charles

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