the lovely Cate Blanchett

I was downtown doing some auto insurance stuff and was on my way home and decided to stop at Togo’s in Hollywood for lunch. This particular Togo’s is in Gower gulch, which is right across the street from Sunset-Gower studios, which used to be Columbia Studios back in the old days. Incidentally, it was also the home of screen gems televison back in the 60’s, where “bewitched”, “I Dream of Jeannie”, “the Flying Nun”, and other totally gay shows were filmed.

Anyway, I’d finished my sandwich and went next door to starbucks for a latte and was sitting outside enjoying my book and a smoke when this lovely lady and her assistant sat down at the adjacent table. She was dressed in sweats and her hair was in a scarf, and they seemed to be working on a schedule of some sort.  Most people were reading/studying scripts. She turned to me and in her enchanting Australian accent said “That pipe smells wonderful!”

Her eyes shone so radiantly. I immediately recognised her once I heard that voice. Cate Blanchett. Oh God!

I smiled at her and said “the pleasure is entirely mine, dear lady Galadriel”

Later, as I stood to leave we locked eyes again and smiled at each other.

What a wonderful day she made it for me.


One response to “the lovely Cate Blanchett

  1. That would’ve made my day as well. Cate Blanchette is incredible.

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