McMansion McMovie

So the street in Encino where the most egregious examples of McMansion excess is blocked off today, causing inconvenience and annoyance. hopefully a great deal of it. Someone is shooting something called “bootcamp” and evidently this future oscar winning classic requires 2 luma cranes, one gas tanker truck, and about 700 makeup trailers and 70 motorcycle cops.

Just like every other film shoot.

Nice to know that the cops have their priorities straight.

I know that when I’m about 90 and sitting in my wheelchair drooling in front of the t.v. (or whatever), all of these movies that I’ve seen shooting that I’d never willingly bother to see are going to pop up on the tube and I’m going to go into demented flashback fits as I see my past life locations suddenly show up unexpectedly in these dumb films.


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