Here’s your 21 virgins, Jer!


4 responses to “JERRY FALWELL IS DEAD

  1. Rich: Isn’t this a bit ingenuous? I realize the Rev. Dr. Falwell was outspoken (no pun intended!!!) in favor of traditional morality. That said, his beliefs were and are far removed from militant Islam!!!

    Musch better to give thanks that “Light perpetual shines upon him” Take care! Charles

  2. um… no, it’s not disingenuous at all. That sick fuck spewed nothing but intolerance and hate. I saw him on Pat Robertson’s show just 3 days after 9/11 and Fatwell blamed the attack on feminists, gays, lesbians. Fuck him. And if you believe that “light perpetual shines on him.” ..then you’re just as sick and deluded as he was. I wish that there were such a place as hell. I’d say may he rot in it forever.
    The only difference between radical islamists and these Christianist pigs is their fear of punishment from our government. With that removed, they’d blast and bomb us all into oblivion. troglodytes.

  3. I normally don’t speak ill of the dead, but in Falwell’s case I’ll make an exception:

    Ding Dong, the (son of a) bitch is Dead! Hi ho, he gone below, below! Yada yada yada…

    Now only if Pat Robertson would kick of…

  4. Yeah Robertson and that wretched puss bag Dobson. I’d say Ann Coulter too, but she’s of the flesh-eating undead so I don’t know WHAT to do about her/him.

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