yeah whatever

I was at the Eagle last night kinda early. I wanted to avoid the parking nightmare, so I was there at about 9, So not many folks were there yet. Nice and quiet.

I was standing there smoking my pipe and this glassy eyed thing person tottered and lurched into the room. He was dressed in lime green bermuda shorts with pink ankle socks and birkenstocks. kind of hard to ignore, even though I was trying.

So of course he came up to me and initiated the dumbest exchange I’ve had in weeks. He asked what kind of cigar I was smoking.

“It’s a pipe” I said pleasantly

“Can it be a cigar?”


“Is it cigar stuff?”

“Do you mean what tobacco is it?” I asked “It’s Pipe tobacco. For a pipe.”

seeing the glazed look of incomprehension on his face I added, pleasantly,”They’re different types of tobacco.”

“What kind of cigar can you smoke with it?”

Clearly, there were some reality perceptional acuity problems here.

“This isn’t a cigar. It’s a pipe. no cigar here.” I was trying to be nice. I was.

“Can you smoke a cigar with the pipe if you want to? can you put a cigar in a pipe?”

“Uh …. …..  What?? “

“I’m kinda fucked up”

“Uh, yeah I gathered that”


3 responses to “yeah whatever

  1. Rich: That character who couldn’t tell a pipe from a cigar was obviously smoking something! Won’t guess what. CB

  2. lol! probably house paint!

  3. To be fuck-up so early in the evening is sort of sad don’t you think? I wonder if he was looking for a scene and thought that if you smoke a pipe, you must smoke cigars as well. The answer to that is ‘No, you don’t.’ Though I might be interested in learning if the right guy ever wanted to teach me. Hint Hint…

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