Hot House Flower

Jesus, people in L.A. are such freaks.

This guy is walking his dog down the street. He’s dressed in a nice t-shirt, jeans and flipflops. Fine. He passes a woman walking briskly in the opposite direction. She’s wearing a full fur-lined parka, mittens and a damn woolen scarf, wrapped all the hell around her face. *Sigh* I check the thermometer on my dash. It’s 65 freaking degrees outside! Where the hell does she think she is? Nome? What, is she a lizard?

It amazes me how fragile people are here, when it comes to the weather. The slightest change sends people into panic stricken terror. I have literally seen people sprinting for their precious SUV’s so that they can quickly move them into shelter if it starts to bloody SPRINKLE. God help us all if their paint jobs might (shudder) get WET!!

STORM WATCH 2007! screams the news if there is a shower. LIVE DOPPLER UPDATES 24 HOURS A DAY ONLY ON KTLA!

What losers.

And the heat lamps. Everywhere. Does botox have a higher freeze threshold? I remember in San Francisco, no bar patio had a heatlamp, and only the Eagle had a fire pit. Here, if the temperature dips below 70, those lamps are fired up full blast. And I’ve gone to the Flatulence line Faultline in 90 % humidity and 110 degrees and that damn fire pit is roaring away.



One response to “Hot House Flower

  1. As an LA native I can agree with this statement. However, it was always to hot for me as I have thin Irish blood, so most of the Bay Area is the right climate for me.

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