Little Miss Goodling Brown nose

I just heard on Randi Rhodes some of Monica Goodling’s testimony today in the Gonzales hearings.

She was asked if, in admittedly using her partisan adversarial research skills in vetting potential non-political apointees in the DOJ, that she realized she was BREAKING THE LAW.  At first she tried the “I don’t know” evasion, but was reminded that she was a DOJ attorney, so ignorance of the law was unacceptable as a defense. she admitted that yes, she had broken the law but said “..But I didnt mean it!!!”

oh Christ!  

This is what we get when we have an entire administration which bases it’s entire emphasis in all matters on only one thing ONLY:  Loyalty to the President and to the PARTY.

Have these goons ever considered that their primary loyalty, to which they have sworn, is to be to the Constitution? Don’t they teach that at bottom tier law school Regent University? Regent University was founded and is run, if you didn’t know, by Pat Robertson, the religious psycho.


4 responses to “Little Miss Goodling Brown nose

  1. Rich: Couldn’t be the same said of the Leftist “goons” who have taken over the Democrat Party? I agree with you that loyalty to the Constitution (as a Christian, I must add, under God!) must be ahead of loyalty to the political party.

    Another point…pretty sure you know this: Pat Robertson’s Regent U is not the same as Regent U. in Canada! The two are far removed from each other! Charles

  2. It’s the DEMOCRATIC party, NOT “Democrat”. thank you.

    …and it’s Pat Robertson’s Regent University which is in the bottom 4th of law schools in this country, NOT Canada’s Regent U. I’m sure the Canadian University is superior to that deluded religious bufoon’s diploma mill in every way.

  3. You actually forgot to mention an important part of Gooldings testimony. She talked about the used of Vote Caging. A federal crime. since then John Conyers has ordered evidence to find out how extensie it was. One of the Main Culprits Tim Griffin has resigned over it. Its sad to see how the pro treason republicans have now resorted to using the Justice dept for Massive illegal voter suppression shcemes.

    The DNC is now demanding Bush apologize.

    More on what caging is and why its a federla crime

  4. Ooops posted the wrong link. Here is the correct link to the article on vote caging.

    the other link was how I got to this site.

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