movie star

Sam called me yesterday and said that they were shooting near the gym and invited me over to the set. It was a party scene in a backyard at the pool. The house was in North Hollywood. I said I would after my workout, about 8p.

I’d totally blanked on the fact that on the weekend when we were looking for props that I volunteered to  be an extra if they needed me. oops.

Oh Well, It turned out fun anyway. Craft services provided pizza too.

So I’m sitting there waiting for the shot setup, and there are these two 18something female teenage valley girl creatures sitting behind me. I passed the time trying to interpret the native language. One exchange follows:

V.G.#1 So he’s like, standing on his driveway you know, and it’s all made of, like cobblestones and shit and…

V.G.#2 Dude! like what are cobblestones??

V.G.#1 Dude! you like totally don’t know what cobblestones are?

V.G.#2 (piqued) Umm, like, no dude. I like totally don’t, ok?

V.G.#1 Dude they’re like little stones around like little elves houses and shit. Like the keebler elf dude, you know?

Quick! someone dial up Mensa. They’re short 2 members.


Then V.G.#2 wanders off to flirt with one of the gaffers, and V.G.#1 does the only thing a teenager can do when faced with the prospect of being alone for more that a millisecond. Of course she whips out the cell phone.

“I like totally said I’d call you “….. so what time do you want me to call?….. I called you yesterday dude. …. I did! yesterday I called you. So did she call you?….. Yeah? Like when did she call? I ‘ll totally remember to call you tomorrow after my job interview. Dude I totally will. ….. ..Dude I said I’ll call you. ……  OK! Call me back!”


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