Disgusting excess in Encino

A co-worker has some phony asshole Adam Sandler crap movie producer client who, for his little bastard kid’s 13th birthday party is going to do the party the bloated, excessive, vulgar L.A. way.

Is little Timmy going to get a party at the park, with a clown, cake and all his friends? That’d be a Hell no!

 In Encino, the only way to properly impress is to RENT OUT THE WHOLE FUCKING DODGER STADIUM so the little fuckwads can play a private ballgame. Cost? $100,000 for 3 hrs.

$100,000 dollars ….. for an afternoon birthday party.

This kind of selfish excess pisses me the hell off no end. Why not DONATE that amount in the kid’s name to the tornado relief in Kansas?

This isnt “keeping up with the Jones’es.” This is burying the jones’es and burning their house down.

oh whatever! 


6 responses to “Disgusting excess in Encino

  1. Rich: I agree better use could have been made for 100,000 dollars than a private birthday party. I do not know what Sandler’s politics are, but sometimes, there is a decided disconnect between the “Hollywood Left” and their lifestyles.

  2. well I do know Saandler’s politics. He’s been on of Guilanis’ biggest doners. He’s a well known republican. nice try.

  3. Rich: There are inconsistencies on both sides of the spectrum, as you no doubt well know. BTW, Guliani has been on the moderate/liberal side of things socially until fairly recently. This is especially true in the area of “gay rights”.

    On the Abortian issue, he has recently changed. CB

  4. Rich, it’s Adam Sandler…did you really expect something more. The guy’s made a career out of being a fool, albeit a rich fool, but nonetheless a fool and his money are easily parted.

    I agree though, donate the $100k and get the kid a new baseball glove.

  5. clarification: it’s not Adam Sandler, it’s someone who produced one of his garbage movies.

  6. There are fools with money to burn everywhere. Some are obnoxious Bourgeoisie that spend offensively, live lavishly and have the morals of cockroaches. Give me poor and middleclass folk with integrity any day.

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