Dorothy’s Law


FLASH! I’ts just occured to me that no one has named the one online phenomena that we’ve all experienced over and over. I’m coining the phrase “Dorothy’s Law” to describe when you’re contacted on your personal BMB or Bear 411 or MYSPACE or whatever online cruising page you use by someone who’s A) your perfect match b) hot as hell C) is crazy in lust for you and D) is on the other side of the planet.


It happens all the time. The inverse also applies.

example *

You’re in California and:

Peter is your ultimate man. He’s sexy, just your type, and he feels exactly the same about you. But he lives in Belgium.

Michael is really hot. You’d love nothing better than to speed right over and dive into him. Of course, he feels the same. But he lives in New York.

Brandt is sex personified and he’s added you as his hot man of the day. You want to consumate that. But he’s in Denver.

Marv looks just like Jerry Falwell. As he looks today. He lives in a basement and he’s drooling (literally) for you. He lives in your town! In fact, he’s just two bus stops away!

Ever happen to you?

I thought so. 

* does not always apply


One response to “Dorothy’s Law

  1. Hey, this happens to you too? The worst I ever got though was guy in Kentucky wanting to know if I would move there – he had read my Bear 411 profile O-N-C-E. I had this one guy that kept IM’ing me with Hey Sexy. We had never met. I mean come on people, you can not say you ‘know’ someone off an internet profile and a few photos! That includes if they are sexy or not because sexy is not just looks, it’s charm and personality as well. It got bad enough I almost took my profile down at one point.

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