spider bite

I got bit by a nasty spiderbite late last week and i’s getting worse. It’s just above the left elbow on my tricep. swollen, red and IT FUCKING HURTS LIKE HELL!

Since it isnt getting better, tomorrow I go see the Doc. The infection is deep and I just took my temp. I’m at 102f nausea, giddy. I cant write more now, but I worked yesterday acting in the movie again. note my pics in the post below. you’ll see where I have an ACE bandage covering the bite. it’s grown twice the size since lunchtime. gotta go.


2 responses to “spider bite

  1. Rich: I get the impression that you do not pray; I do. And you are prayed for daily. CB

  2. Another quick comment; every so often I get cellulitis in one of my legs; it swells and hurts badly. Therefore, I know what it is to be in pain. CB

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