i’m going to try to bang this out while i have strenght. i’m good for about a half and hour before i pass out. been real sick with the black widow bite. 1st trip to the doc they biopsied it and the results STILL ARE NOT BACK..nice to know they care. brown recluse is ruled out. they gave me ahuge horse shot full of antibiotics and anti venom (i think) and the nurse said something that astonished me. she said “this is gonna hurt a lot” …i thought that they NEVER said stuff like that. dont they say shit like “little pinch, honey”?

had to have it in the thight because-she said- anywhere else and the needle was so big it’d go right through. so i broke rule # 1 and peeked at the needle.  holy fuck. looked like a B.B.Q. spit.

so yesterday when i went back the doc said “oh and by the way, lets give you another booster shot. gulp. as he left and nurse ratched was loading up the shot gun, i seriously…seriously considered the possibility and repercussions of just running the hell out of there. not only did the 2nd shot hurt more, but it left my thigh almost paralysed, as if i were kicked by a horse. oh yeah and both times i had to lay there for 30 mins in observation because the shot can produce anaphylatic shock. must be the antivenom.

go back to the doc friday for results. hope a staph infection hasnt set in. doc thinks it possible. infecton is massive. tired now .sorry for the weird syntax,bad spelling and no spell check.

sleep now.


4 responses to “sick

  1. Rich: Again, you will be prayed for overnight. CB

  2. Get well soon. Big hugs to you as always

  3. thanks both of you guys!!!!! thanks! (sniff!)

  4. They use that kind of needle for VD shots too, and it hurts. A Lot. And they have to do it three times. In Your Ass. Fraking cure is worse than the frelling disease.

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