The Merchants of fear

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1st Inaugural address. March 4th 1933

todayshow.jpg fucking aliens, all of them. nice body language, too. especially that Curry-thing. Priceless.

You do realize, of course, that we’re possibly, probably maybe even really going to be attacked by T E R R O R I S T S  again within the next six minutes.

 Or maybe within the next year.

DEFINITELY within the next ten years.

 Special super duper accurate reports and studies confirm this. So get ready, be prepared, and above all be afraid. The media tells us so. every day. So it must be true!

Did you also know that those dishtowels you use on a daily basis may be disease laden monsters, lurking in your kitchen, just waiting to strike to kill?  It’s true!  Reports say so!  The TODAY show can and will fill you in daily on every hidden fear and terror and cancer lurking under your fingernails, in your hair, under your bed, and in the curtains. And they’ll do it with their bright, chipper, sunny and insidiously sinister stepford smiles when they do.

But they’re not the only ones who will.

The culture of fear has become so pervasive in American life that we jump at the sight of our own shadows. We’ve been conditioned to. By the Media, by the government.

Why? Simple answer. Control.

Suggestion and conditioning techniques are far easier to apply when fear is present. Fear-addled people are much more malleable and able to be controlled. It’s been done all throughout history, but never so thoroughly or effectively as now.

 A quick look at history proves it.

One example:

Hitler and Co used it. They used the many fears the German people were feeling post WWI about being subjugated by the allied powers, economic collapse, immorality, etc. The result was a second world war and the deaths of millions of innocent Jews and others because they provided an excellent focus and intensifier for the fear mongering of Hitler’s regime.


Religion is all about fear. Fear of God, fear of punishment, fear of self. Fear of knowledge. They’ve used it skillfully for centuries, and controlled whole populations with it. They still do.

Today, however, the method of choice and expedition of fear mongering has been perfected through television. It’s goals have broadened, too. No longer is the sole object control of the masses, but also influence of the masses.The pharmaceutical companies have sure learned that lately. How often are we bombarded with symptoms on television? Did you ever realize that you were so fucked up? that you needed pills to wake up , pills to sleep, pills to keep from depression, pills to piss regularly, pills to raise your cock and more pills to lower it. Pills, Pills, Pills. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! Just give me a goddamned aspirin and leave me the hell alone!

But I digress.

How about the Government. Thank God that the Bush administration is far too honest and above board to use such techniques.

oh wait….

They’re the most ruthless of all.

When all is hunky-dory and we’re in no danger of fear (which so far has been …umm…never)


When Bush fucks up?


When Bush or his flying monkeys REALLY fuck up?


And when we finally pull our collective heads out of our asses and force congress to impeach the asshole?


They’re so transparent. This whole occupation was built on the manipulation of fear. They’re good at that one thing, I’ll give them that. Of course it helps to have millions of morons who believe everything they’re told, who have no ability whatsoever to analyse anything logically or to reason or to think at all.

ok, end of rant! It must be the antibiotics.


7 responses to “The Merchants of fear

  1. Rich: As usual, I see areas where I would agree, and areas where I strongly take issue! I agree that inordinate fear is used to control. You implied that a populace controlled by fear is not free. Right again!

    Where religion is concerned, the Protestant Reformation took place because the Roman Church had kept the masses (no pun intended!) in errror, superstition, and the worship of pictures, relics, statues, etc.

    But returning to the political question, can it really be said that the Democrats would mess up any less than Bush? With the exception of Senator Liebermann, none of them, IMHO, could be trusted to do what is necessary to defend the nation. CB

  2. Oh please, by all means, enlighten me as to what Bush has done to defend this nation! Please!

  3. Here here! I’ve been saying that we are in a culture of fear for six years, if not longer. Nice have someone else get vocal about it.

  4. Rich: While it is being debated how well we are doing in Iraq, one has to acknowledge the removal of Saddam was a good move. The Patriot Act was also proper, as was increasing Airport security. Am I happy with Bush’s performance? Not really!

    In some ways, the present Congress is worse. The recent funding of the war with a “cut and run” date included is emboldening the insurgents and putting our nation at higher risk, not to forget our soldiers. That, rick, is just for starters.
    BTW, the post to which I am responding indicates you are getting better. Take care. CB

  5. Oh I don’t know where to begin.
    First off, I hope that the kool-aid your’re gulping is sugar free. Otherwise, you’re teeth are gonna rot!

    Secondly, No I damn well do not have to acknowlege that the removal of Saddam was a good thing. Hans Blix (you might remember…the U.N. arms inspector) was BEGGING Mr. Asshole for more time because he WASN’T FINDING ANY GODDAMNED WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND SAID AT THE TIME THAT THERE WAS NO PROOF THAT THEY EXISTED!

    But of course, he was a bad guy, and like all bad guys (except the ones we are supporting to our own ends) he had to go.


    Dont you get it yet? what must it take?
    Have you heard that Iraq had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11?
    Have you heard that YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO?

  6. Geez I see the traitor monkey republicans are at it again.

    So CB do you wear your purple heart band aid while supporting the Libby PArdon? Does taking out our intelligence during the So called “War on terror” by outing covert operative Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings during count as patriotism? Does Cutting veterans benefits the first day of bombing in Iraq your support? And what about walter reed? THen of course their Conservative Fred Phelps protesting at their funerals.

    We also have Tim Griffin and his Vote caging schemes along with Alberto gonzales’ Blocking of investigations into massive voter fraud by the republicans. But hey Gonzales already testified that Bush Directly obstructed Justice in the illegal wirretapping investigation making that a double felony.

    as far as iraq better off without Saddam. Not what our official government reports say you can read them hear

    the patriot act has done nothing but remove our rights.

    what does this all mean?It means that the purple heart band aid wearing traitor monkey republicans hate our freedoms hate our democracy and especially hate our troops. Thats probably wy the Military times has reported a huge switch in party registration among our military in iraq and why Illegal votger caging efforts have focused on them. Let’s hear it for the traitor monkey republicans and preventing our troops from even voting.

  7. oh you forgot Terra Cotta Alert. Meaning we must all fight terrorism by shopping at pottery Barn.

    Hmm how much shopping do we need to do to bomb Iran?!

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