It’s open season on pride again

Well L.A. pride (or what lamely passes for it here) is here again.

 This year, they’ve done a better job on recognising some worthwhile, actual gay folks for honor as both honorees and grand Marshals. Ivy Bottini is, of course, legendary. She’s been out front in this community struggling for our rights since Nixon went hiring for plumbers.

And Mikel Gerle? Well, he’s our Mr. 2007 L.A. Leather and Mr.2007 International Mister Leather and he’s really someone to be proud of. He’s actually spreading himself a little too thin right now in my opinion, trying to please everyone (yeah…insert crude joke HERE) and he’s a wonderful man. He’s a fantastic kisser, too.

  Our Grand Marshall is Mr. John Amaechi, and he’s well deserving of the honor. Most fitting. He’s the first NBA player to come out and let me tell you if you havent heard…he’s taken a lot of shit for it! Go John!

Usually, L.A. picks the most superficial flavor of the moment for it’s grand Marshall. Usually the priority is name entertainment value. Like the hideous Paris Hilton in 2005. Wretched. They probably tried for Lindsay Lohan this year, but she’s too busy trying to kill us all with her vast arsenal of motor vehicles.

Is gay pride relevant? is it important? Yes, I think it is. Remember, there are still millions of kids who are just coming of age and they need this sort of thing to realise that there is a larger gay presence out there that they can reach and interact with. Us old geezers forget what that was like.

I do think we’ve lost the focus. Or maybe it’s because my expreience is with San Francisco Pride, which was more about political activism and less about who was dj’ing the party. Times change,  and not always for the better.

Long Beach Gay Pride Fe$tival was all about celebrating a straight homophobic gospel choir singer named Jennifer Hudson this year. You paid $25 (or was it $45 this year?) to support her and her entourage. Gay artists had to drive themselves and get paid squat. nice.

Now THAT I have a problem with.


One response to “It’s open season on pride again

  1. I came out at LA pride, so I will always have affection for it. Pride events are important, it is our moment to stand up and DEMAND to be counted, to be accepted as valid members of the community as a whole and not some marginalized sub-group that is always on the outside looking in.
    This year San Jose Pride did not have any big national level head-liners. The committee decided that instead of paying $40k to some big name act to come and do five songs, they would support only Bay Area GLBT acts and thus our own community. It went great and the bands and comedians were fantastic. It was a vibe of doing it for ourselves because no one else will.. Now THAT is Pride.

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