Wall to wall carpet

What a weekend it was. Los Angeles pride has come and gone, and it was a great weekend, and a wonderful parade and festival. I took lots of pictures. I was far too tired last night to download them, so I’ll have them up here tomorrow. I think I got a few great shots.

Saturday night was for me an unforgettable experience, and a curiously unique one for me. You see, it was the night the lesbians invaded the Eagle and took it over completely.

Saturday nigth at the eagle was suppose to be boots and breeches night, and a cigar social. However, the Dyke march terminated at the Eagle, and they stayed to party. I got there about 10pm and decided to hang around for the different experience. It was for me what it must be like for straight people to encounter a gay experience for the first time. The place, forst of all, was absolutely packed, and those girls know how to party and have fun. So many beautiful faces I’ve never seen. It made me sad, looking at some of these bright, fun, young kids knowing that if it was the right time and circumstance we’d have such fun knowing each other. but now I’m 43 and they’re 20something and we have no common base, like when I was young and working part time jobs with wonderful girls like that. Does that make any sense? I mean to say that it got me to thinking that many of the most wonderful personalities I’ve known through out my life have been the girls I’ve known. The female spirit is unique and wonderful and absolutely essential to know and experience. How dull life would be without them. So I miss that, and the experience saturday night smacked me upside the head with it.


4 responses to “Wall to wall carpet

  1. Rich: gotta ask this: Do I detect a bit of straightness there? CB

  2. No. I have never felt a single pang of sexual interest or curiosity in a woman at all.

  3. What I want to know CB, is why shouldn’t I enjoy the company of a few young, energetic, pleasant ladies? They are, after all, my lesbian sisters. And just because I can appreciate the aesthetics of a beautiful woman does not mean the sight gives me a woody (a burly muscle bear smoking a cigar – NOW you’re talking!).

    And Rich, you might be surprised how much you might have in common with them. I worked somewhere where I was the oldest person(a couple of ’em were young enough to be my kids), and I was as big a geek as the 20-somethings and they all wanted me to hang out with them. Go Figure.

  4. In college I tended to end up with the lesbians a lot. Good taste in music and just plain more fun than hanging out with a bunch of disco queens exploring thier innner drag queen. The guys spent way to much time discussing the then underage prince william. Basically if the choice is play darts and shoot pool with the lesbians or talk about Teen boys in tighty whities while practicing your drag routine, well easy choice for me. Hang out with the lesbians. It is amazing though how hanging out with some gay guys is like being a straight guy encountering a gay experience for the first time.

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