45 Useless bits of info about Me

Here’s a meme I got from LARGETONY (hat tip): 

1. What’s your name spelled backwards? Hcir pronounced “Haceer” it’s Moldavian

2. What did you do last night? Went to the gym,consoled Dave on the phone because he’s going thru some heavy shit, watched “My Fair Lady” on the big screen

 3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? 07 Pride pics. ..Oh wait, no….Porn.

 4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? No

5. Last time you swam in a pool? January

 6. What are you wearing? Tan carhart pants and a brown polo shirt

 7. How many cars have you owned? 5 or 6

8. Type of music you dislike most? Hip Hop, Rap

 9. Are you registered to vote? Democrat 

10. Do you have cable? Basic cable, which I watch about 2 hrs a week total

11. What kind of computer do you use? HP at home and a DELL at work

12. Ever made a prank phone call? Is Bush a delusional asshole?

 13. You like anyone right now? Does anyone like me?

 14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Only in Blue screen or process

 15. Furthest place you ever traveled? Rejyavik, Iceland

16. What’s your favorite comic strip? This Modern World

 17. Do u know all the words to the national anthem? No

 18. Shower, morning or night? Morning

  19. Best movie you’ve seen in the past month? “Cheyenne Autumn”

 20. Favorite pizza toppings? Bacon and feta cheese

 21. Chips or popcorn? Chips

 22. What cell phone provider do you have? The cum splat one

 23. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? I might have once when I was stoned at the cabin

 24. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? No, but ask me if I’ve ever blown a beauty pageant contestant and I’ll have a different answer

 25. Orange Juice or apple? Neither

 26. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Co-workers

 27. Favorite chocolate bar? Snickers

 28. Who is your longest friend and how long? Doug Leonard…since 1979 …how long is that?

 29. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? The day the music died

 30. Have you ever won a trophy? Best arms at IML 2005 I got a giant basket of elbow grease lubes

  31. Favorite arcade game? PONG

 32. Ever ordered from an infomercial? I called for a BOSE music system once, but it was a thousand easy payments of $500.00 so I passed

 33. Sprite or 7-UP? Nothing does it like 7-UP

 34. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? I always fancied those Catholic plaid skirts, but No

 35. Last thing you bought at Walgreens? A fan

 36. Ever thrown up in public? Yeah, it was at grad night 1982 at Disney land

 37. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? Neither is likely, so I’ll pass

 38. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really, no

 39. Spongebob or Jimmy Neutron? Mr Spock

 40. Did you have long hair as a young kid? Yes Peter Brady style

 41. What message is on your voicemail machine? 867-5309 jenny jenny, who can I turn to?

  42. Where would you like to go right now? Yosemite or the Gold Country

 43. Whats the name of your pet? William and the Bug

 44. What kind of back pack do you have, and what’s in it? I have a gym bag with shorts, t-shirt, book, IPOD

 45. What do you think about most? Sex


3 responses to “45 Useless bits of info about Me

  1. One word – TMI!

  2. oh. Wow.
    Well I guess since that’s the response, I’ll keep my personal info to myself from now on.

  3. it was fun to read. I get these chain letters now and then but never actually fill them out.

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