Mojave desert

Mojave desertOriginally uploaded by richey rich  

   I‘m trying this damn flickr photo posting service and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass. click on this picture here –> and you’ll see some cool pics I took on Sunday when I went to the desert. If there are any actual humans who read this, let me know what you think. You spam Robots need not reply.


3 responses to “Mojave desert

  1. Rich: You caught the severe desolation there quite well! Even the buildings carry that “aura”! After reading what motivated you to go out there, I prayed for you. Doing it regularly! CB

  2. I love the desert. lots interesting life. it’s fun to make a herpetology loop and see what you can catch. Spring time is great for checking out plants and its always nice to bring a telescope since there is little to no light pollution to keep you from checking out the stars, planets and pinwheels. So much life and so much to see.

  3. I would’ve hung around for the stars, but it was a Sunday night. Maybe next time.

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