I don’t delude myself that anyone could possibly care about what movies I’m seeing (I’m primarily referring to YOU, spam robots), but I’m going to keep track of them here,  so I can track it in the future.

Sort of using the journal aspects of the blog.

I only list Films I’ve never seen before.

Movies seen in the past 10 days:

In A Lonely Place (D-Nicholas Ray 1950)  * * * *

Cheyenne Autumn (D-John Ford 1962) * * * *

The Enforcer (D-Raoul Walsh 1951) **

The DaVinci Code (D- Ron Howard 2006) **

The Talk of the Town (D-George Stevens 1942) * * *

High Noon (D- Fred Zinneman 1952) * * * * *

His Girl Friday (D-Howard Hawks 1940) * * * * *


6 responses to “Movies

  1. Rich: It looks like you weren’t impressed with the “da Vinci Code.” Do you take issue with the historical inaccuracies? CB

  2. Not really. Fairytale and mythological origins are only mildly interesting to me.
    I took issue with the poor character development, atroicious acting (audrey tatoo), poor structure and pacing, abominable direction, and shoddy photography.

  3. Thanks for the info, Rich! CB

  4. Yeah Da vinci code was interesting but in this day and age it really needed Mothra to destroy paris to give it that summertime thriller feel. There could even be a seen where tom hanks ziplines seemingly through the screen to evade a huge fiery explosion. Oh and replace Audrie tatou with Chris Tucker!!! Everytime someone discusses alternate religious theories he could put his hand up and say “BZZZZZZZT !!” I think that would just about do it. NO WAIT!! they discover the direct descendant of Jesus is Really Criss Angel!! HE really DID walk on water in Las Vegas!! I think I smell a Block Buster!

  5. Paco:
    Why do I think Biblical info is missing here? CB

  6. I agree about High Noon, one of the best films ever made. I wonder if it was the first ‘real time’ movie ever done…

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