William and The Bug

The Bug (Left) and William 

This is William and The Bug. William (full name William Robinson) has been my best friend and constant companion since June of 1996. I got him and his sister Penny Robinson from a couple who had resuced his whole litter when their mother was killed by a backhoe in an empty lot in Union City, Ca. I got them both in exchange for a 5 pound box of See’s candy. I got the better deal, infinitely.

Penny left us in March of 2006, a victim of stomach cancer.

the Bug (top) and William napping

The Bug has been with me since April of 2006. He was a shelter kitty, who’s photo I saw on the SPCA’S internet website. Both William and myself were so upset at the loss of Penny that I thought I should immediately get him a companion, since I’m at work so many hours a day.

this is the Bug’s original shelter website picture. I fell in love at first sight with this picture.

The Bug’s given name is Everett, but that never stuck. He takes such pleasure in driving William crazy, and I was constantly telling him to stop bugging William that the name was born.

William on the prowl


4 responses to “William and The Bug

  1. You named the cats Will and Penny? Congratulations on being a bigger geek than I am!
    But sorry to hear about Penny, I lost my Chitlyn five years ago and haven’t ever gotten over it, and neither has her sister Grits.

  2. It’s the hardest thing to bear. I still miss Penny terribly. How old is Grits?

  3. I named my first kitties The Colonel and The Professor — I figured that cats didn’t come when they were called anyway, so they might as well have titles instead of names. When The Professor died a few years back, The Colonel was very depressed, so I procured a companion — Shamrock, a female grey tabby. Shamrock would really rather be a solo kitty and makes no effort to hide this fact. Which is sorta sad, since The Colonel and The Professor used to just love on each other all the time. I considered re-naming Shamrock “The Duchess” just to go along with the theme, but she does perk up whenever anyone calls her “Shammy,” so I guess she’s stuck with the old name. And life with Shamrock is certainly more interesting for The Colonel than being alone was, so … mission accomplished; I guess.

  4. Knowing how cats are I’m sure that the Colonel is better off with Shammy around. The socialization, particularly between males and females is very subtle. What kind of kitty is the Colonel?
    I sometimes feel that I didn’t do William the greatest favor when I got the Bug because William is a senior cat and the Bug is a juvenile delinquent, and he harasses William constantly.
    Still, I have noticed that often, William will initiate play.

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