The San Francisco Chronicle has breaking news that The White House and The rogue branch of Government formerly known as the Vice President’s office have been handed Subpoenas by the Judiciary committe  this morning. The subpoenas will compel the bastards to turn over documents relating to the administrations criminal activities re: the illegal wiretapping and eavesdropping.

 I hope that this means that they are going to aggressively pursue the possibility that the White House, and Darth Cheney in particular, were behind the attempted coercion of the soft headed John Ashcroft to sign off on the illegal wiretapping when he was even less coherent than usual following the surgery to remove his  heart gallstones.

let’s hope that the pebbles have started to fall which will lead to an avalanche of impeachment, indictment, and imprisonment.

However, we must also wait to see if this lawless, evil bunch will comply with the subpoenas. It’s getting interesting, folks.


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