At lunch today, I saw this huge pile of planet wrecking crap waiting in line for it’s bath at the reviled Encino private parking lot carwash. It of course was sparklingly clean and still had it’s paper dealership plates, so it’s obviously brand new, and bought in the face of almost $4.00 per gallon gas prices.

It’s called an AVALANCHE. It’s nice to know that the makers of these leviathans are now at least naming them after other environmental disasters. What’s next? The Dodge Tsunami? The Cadillac mushroom cloud? And I’m sure that the mouth breathing, oblivious to all but themselves, self absorbed selfish fucktards who are STILL buying them are totally unable to see the irony in the name.

Really though, what is with these people? Are they unaware and uninformed, or is it that they just don’t care? I know that money certainly is no object for them. I work with people who are multimillionaires who have no idea what things cost because they don’t need to know. Still, they buy sensible cars or hybrids because they care about the world that we all must live in. What planet are these other morons from? Can we send them back? The word for today children is:

                  COGNITIVE DISSONANCE

Use it in a sentence.


7 responses to “PLANET KILLER

  1. Rich: Obviously, the makers of these SUV’s believe there is a market for them. Empirically, your observation indicates they are correct, at least in Encino!

    If some of the owners of these vehicles are leftist in their politics, there is “cognitive dissonance.” Is this the 2007 version of “Let them eat cake?” CB

  2. I remember the Civic CRX gettin 55 miles to the gallon. I know I and other peope that I work with have been asking for fuel efficient cars but get told at teh dealer “people don’t want them” LOL.

    But the interesting thing is the crackpot conservatives have claimed Science and Nature are conspiring to conceal the truth about global warming. I died laughing. They keep trying to debunk the science behind global warming by misrepresenting other peoples data. one of them claimed earth and venus had the same atmosphere and atmospheric pressure. when you point out they don’t they then try to claim NASA is a liberal organization. others try to claim the ozone hole causes global cooling. But the evidence they cite is from volcano studies. the volcano causes loss of ozone but the temperature drop is associated with the huge amount of ash in the air as stated in the articles.

    But I think the most hillarious one is that the really dumb conservatives still don’t get that science rejected ‘survival of the fittest.’ you know the basis for their economic beliefs. You try to point out to them the difference between Natural selection and survival of the fittest and they are just plain clueless. How knows what would happen if you tried to add nuetral theory and Random genetic drift. But basically science rejected ‘survival of the fittest’ because there is no way to define fitness autonomous from survival. Thus survival of the fittest basically becomes a those that survive and reproduce are those that suvive and reproduce. A tautology that you cannpt make predictions from or even test in a sceintific way.
    So basically next time you here a conservative use the phrase survival of the fittest keep in mind he is really saying, ” I’m a clueless dumbshit”
    Maybe one day someone will explain to them the difference and teach them how to make selectionist arguments or even understand nuetral theory. But until that day we continue to see posts like the one above.

  3. Funny thing, Paco, is that I didn’t even bring up global warming. My point is, some liberals are also hypocritical. CB

  4. Funny thing CB. You had to create the situatution in which they were Hypocritical.

    “If some of the owners of these vehicles are leftist in their politics, there is “cognitive dissonance.” Is this the 2007 version of “Let them eat cake?” “–CB


  5. Richey-
    Rant all you want, but that redesigned Avalanche is no Hummer. It’s EPA rated at 15 city 21 MPG Highway, which is the exact same mileage as a BMW X5 and superior to any Range Rover model, but I don’t hear you whining about THEM.
    In addition, it’s available with a Flex-Fueled engine that can run on E85 Ethanol. The new six speed automatic transmission has a second overdrive for a 20% improvement in highway mileage. It’s a much more responsible vehicle than you claim.
    People have different needs, and you can’t tow a horse trailer with a Prius. Some people’s lives need a truck.

    Oh how I hate the BMW X5 and the Range Rover and the Hummer and the ESCALATION and the Godzillafucker xv7
    There! I whined.
    Are you happy now?

  6. Well, Rich-

    Reading your blog, it seems like the only think that makes you happy is whining, so Whine On, harvest Moon

  7. Jeff Its times like this a usually point out the descriptor underneath the Title Bearschmear.Here it is as a direct cut and paste.

    A bearish, bitching, ranting blog-thing with pictures!

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