Full Moon

Arright so last night at the Eagle was “Boys of leather” night. Well, “boys” was a relative term I suppose. Most were kinda shopworn and in ill fitting latex.

On a warm night.

 Not pretty.

 As to myself, My invisibility cloak was on I guess because no one interacted with me much. I was wearing (gasp) a t-shirt and jeans. Well I was wearing boots and a leather belt. Does that count?  It was the little leather society ladies clucking together, for the most part. As always, though, I could pick the one most awful troll out and bet the farm that he would scope me out and make his pass. He did.

One interesting thing happened at the gym earlier. I was on the life cycle and was reading my book, when I happened to look up and standing right in front of me staring RIGHT into my eyes was this tall, built, dark haired hhh-hunk of a man. He smiled broadly in that unmistakeable way. I had time only to gulp and smile and nod. He was being given a tour by one of the trainers and she led him on his way. later, I could see him in the office, signing up. Must be a new man in town. We’ll see what develops. He’s hot! 


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