A very Brady Residence

I was going to go over to Santa Monica yesterday to photograph the actual “Bewitched” house, but I couldnt get off my lazy ass, so I just photoshopped my pic of the brady house for you. the pic on the left is the untouched pic. On the right is more of what the house looked on the show, complete with the fake window they added for the series.

Ironically, I took the above photo about an hour before this photo was taken:

The “Bewitched”house was actually a facade built on the Columbia back lot in Burbank, which is still there, and used regularly. It’s now the Warner Ranch, where they film many T.V. series and movies.

The house in Santa Monica is an actual residence off San Vicente Blvd that was replicated in the Columbia lot as the original “Gidget” house. Only they “reversed” the house so It’s an exact mirror image of the real house. I don’t know why they did that. You’ll see what I mean when I show you the house. Perhaps I’ll go wednesday if I don’t go to see “Sicko” 


One response to “A very Brady Residence

  1. I’m sooo jealous!

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