I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko! on tuesday night at the Arclight in Hollywood. I went with Paco and Dave. It was a full house, so it’s possible that the film might do well. But of course, this was a full house at ground zero of “librul Hollywierd”, so normal rules of American idiocy and cluelessness don’t always apply.

Anyway, to the meat of the matter…

Sicko! covers much more than the idiocy and ruthlessness of our own failed health care system. It illustrates how we’ve been propagandized into believing that all forms of socialized medicine, such as they have in Britain,Canada and France, for example, are much MORE disfunctional than our system.

I, for one, believed the stories of long waits for treatment and longer waits for simple doctor visits that are supposedly typical in these countries. Do I believe everything I saw in the movie at face value? No, but it’s made me think, and it’s made me curious to find out about more it. That’s what good agitprop film making is supposed to do.

For instance, did you know that in France, Doctors still make house calls? Moore rode shotgun one night with a travelling Parisian Doctor and went from call to call with him. These countries just take it for granted that they don’t have to risk losing everything they have if they get sick. The people he interviewed are both amused and apalled when they hear of our predatory medical system. It’s as if we’re a third world country. We might as well be…we’re ruled by third world despots.

Which brings me to another thing.

Why do we take it? Why don’t we DO something about it? We’re supposed to be a government by the people, of the people, and for the people. When did we lose that? When did we become so passive? When did the response to bullshit simply be to write a snarky blog entry or laugh at some comic’s send up of it or just bitch and moan?






3 responses to “Sicko!

  1. I plan on seeing “Sicko”. I have heard the downside of socialized medicine…people in Canada waiting a long time for life saving surgery. But yet, I am below the povery level, have a severe Chronic disease, and cannot afford to even see a doctor!

    I concur! Something needs to be done, but what? And how does one avoid the pitfalls of gov’t operated medicine. Out here, the county would let me die without the medicine I need.

  2. LOL the downside of socialize medicine in canada. Amazing how I work with so many canadians and have never met one that complains about their system but they all certainly complain about ours.

    Currently the insurance companies are THE BIGGEST BUREAUCRACY, not the government.

  3. Oh let’s not forget the newest move to get people used to the idea of privatized Fire and Emergency Rescue. Currently in various states including california emergency rescue and even fire dept are starting to charge victims the cost of saving their home or rescuing lost hikers. The idea is to get people to buy their own everything insurance. but of course in order to get the insurance company to pay you have to go through their bureaucracy.

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