Republicans: too dumb to live

I just read this on americablog:

Washington has been added as a host city for this Saturday’s worldwide series of Live Earth concerts, former Vice President Al Gore, a co-organizer of the shows, said on Friday.

The concert to raise climate change awareness will be on the Mall, a vast park located between the Capitol building and the Lincoln Memorial, and will include married country singers Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Gore told the “CBS Early Show.”

An earlier bid to stage the concert in Washington fell through when other music groups had already obtained permits for the Mall and some Republicans in Congress blocked an effort to move it to the Capitol grounds.(emphasis mine)

Some Republicans in congress blocked an effort to move it to the Capitol grounds.

Why? Why would they do that? What purpose does it serve? Why is global warming such a partisan issue? How are these people so able to deny scientific fact and why would they want to?Do republicans try to be assholes, or is it just inbred? Do they think that by denying it and committing great acts of stupidity that they will make it go away?

Are they insane?

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