Cindy Sheehan and the Accountability Moment


As you’ve probably read by now, Cindy Sheehan has announced that if Senator Pelosi hasn’t done something, like file  papers to impeach the Rogue President and his #1 Flying Monkey by July 23rd, that she’s going to run against Pelosi for her seat in Congress.

Do I think she has a chance in hell of winning?, I don’t.  No, what Cindy Sheehan is doing here is holding the powers that be ACCOUNTABLE for something. She’s standing up and doing all in her power to put a stop to this insanely out of control White House. She’s doing what most of us and certainly our Senators and Congress persons won’t do. She’s putting it on the line for what is right. I believe that history will judge not only the Bush regime for what it has done, but it will judge us for what we have not done. I don’t know why our representatives are so cowardly and afraid of the Bushies. Perhaps that isn’t the reason for their reluctance. Perhaps they’re holding back out of political expedience. After all, there is an old saying that if your enemy is drowning, don’t throw him a life preserver. Or something like that. Whatever. The point is that a lot of people are dying in the mean time. Our soldiers deserve better than that. And if political expedience is behind the Dems foot dragging, then they’re more evil than Cheneybush.

So what can we, the people, do? What is our role to play?

Well, we all have Senators and Congress people who are there to REPRESENT US. They have to hear from us as individuals. We can’t just go along and blog and chatter away amongst ourselves. We can’t just laugh at Stewart and Maher and just let it slide. We have to get off of our asses and write letters and make phone calls and PARTICIPATE.  Now is the time to be counted. I’ve written to Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Howard Berman and made it clear what I think and believe. Have you?

I’ll make it real easy for you. Go to this link and WRITE LETTERS. They can’t ignore us if we shout it at them that we WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO *US*

Here’s the link:

Use it. Do it.

The world is watching us.

History will judge us.


5 responses to “Cindy Sheehan and the Accountability Moment

  1. Rich: With all due respect, I am more fearful of the Pelosis, Boxers, Murthas, and Schumers than I am of the Bushes. That said, I will admit that a change in strategy is needed in Iraq. It seems that the culture there cannot put aside religious differences. Thy have no category for political pluralism.

    On the other hand, I have no confidence in the Dems to defend this country against her many enemies. Militant Islam will be satisfied with nothing less than “Shariah (sp?)” Law. Under that system, both of us would face the definite possibility of execution!

    The Protestant Reformers were concerned about the militant “Turk”, and with good reason. If and when we pull out, there will be a blood bath. Between Shiite and Sunni, the Kurds stand to lose either way. Many of them are Christians, and were gassed by the late Saddam Hussein. Therefore, “cut and run”, as some have put the Dem’s course of action may not be the best for either Iraq or us.

  2. Yes Charles would rather support the party that cage lists the troops to blcok them from voting. Yep after the Army time reported a mass switching of voter registration among teh troops from Rep to dem. Suddenly teh troops find themselves on republican caging lists. I think that should be considered treason all by itself.

    Lets not forget that donuld rumsfeld Shook saddams hand immediately after he gassed those crhistians you talk about MORON! not to mention the bush family history of trading with the enemies.

    Dems have succesfully defended our country and and have strong history of it. REpublicans on the other hand were at the wheel during during teh biggest security blunder in our history.

    Please we don’t need any more of you Timothy McVeigh Loving Pro treason republicans Cage listing our troops.

  3. Rich: In response…

    I did not mean to defame honorable Democrats like JFK, “Scoop” Jacson, Harry S. Truman, and of course FDR, who waged war honorably.

    2. My criticism is of the Dems under Reid and Pelosi. Those two, I do not trust to have the “cajones” to wage war if necessary.

    3. I do not support Bush without question! It is noteworthy that, with respect to Sept 11, which I suspect you called “the biggest security blunder in our history”, Clintonian inaction is part of the mess also.

    4. That said, I do agree that a way out of Iraq must be found that will at best minimize the inevitable bloodshed. What else can be expected of militant Islam, which has no qualms about blowing up the elderly, schoolkids, and shoppers in markets? CB

  4. Sorry, Rich! I typed your name above instead of Paco’s. BTW, started a blog: Body and Spirit on Yahoo 360 CB

  5. After Reading about Republican David Vitter’s Diaper fetish in the prostitute scandal I understand why conservatives want republicans for national security. They are part of the INFANTRY. At least Bush’s Reading of My Pet Goat during the attacks makes more sense now.
    I guess what you thought were “cajones” was something else in their diapers.

    Personally I would rather have pelosi and reid even though conservatives biggest argument against them is to scream their names like drama queens. I am surprised they haven’t come up with a HYPER DRAMA QUEEN FONT for their on line rants as well.

    I guess that is why the Military times reported a mass exodus of republicans in voter registration. apparently the military doesn’t trust the republican party either.

    As far as Clinton’s invovlement in 9/11. that’s just you conservative activists and you’re Idiotic “conspiracy theories.”

    I remember the 9/11 comission ( remember the ones conservative activists called a kangaroo court) and all the times Bush was warned and all the effort the previous admin took to get Bush to actually take the threat of bin laden seriously. Its no wonder the Party of Personal Responsibility is once agian finding others to blame. Blaming Clinton is just Party of Personal Responsibility Excuse #392.

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