Lindsay Lohan


Would someone please stick a fork in that hag?

She’s DONE!


4 responses to “Lindsay Lohan

  1. Have to agreee here! She had an ankle bracelet to detect alcohol; and she still can’t avoid the booze! “She’s done!” CB

  2. Get in line people!!

  3. BTW love the new Banner on your site!!
    Paco, you made my day! ..again! -r.c.

  4. It is sad to see that what this girl is going through is being plastered all over the media like some circus for the entertainment of the unwashed masses because the truth is ddiction is not pretty. It’s ugly and painful and I have a lot of empathy for anyone going through it because it is not something that can be solved overnight. In fact, the brain never does recover from it and the cravings will be for life, hence why 77% of addicts and alcoholics relaspe and use again.

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