the Harry Potter thing


I’m going to weigh in on this whole Harry Potter final book business.

Why are people making such a fuss about all of the excitement, as if it’s a BAD thing that kids are getting off of their video game monitors and actually READING for a change?

I know that the Harry Potter books have a reputation, which I can neither affirm nor deny, of being junky literature.

So what?

They’re sort of like those abominable Nancy Drew books of the 1950’s that ignited the literary spark of so many young women (and closeted boys)

Anyone going to call that crap “high literature”? Then why bitch and whine about Harry Potter? After all, the fundamentalist Christian wackos just HATE the Harry Potter books, so they can’t be all bad, can they?

Kids are sparked by HP, and hopefully, perhaps some of them will be inspired to pick up some better stuff, like Bronte or DuMaurier.

… or perhaps even Danielle Steele.

 AARGH! I’m kidding about that gassy slatbag Steele. You want to read mentally damaging material? Pick up one of HER crap tomes, and you’ll be retarded for life. I remember vividly the first time I casually perused one of her “books” at work. Empty headed Encino types are always leaving her books around the lunch room. It was like Griffin Dunne in “After Hours” when he accidentally opened a book full of pictures of severe burn victims.

Her literature is like that. Literary burn victims.

But I digress.

Leave the Harry Potter pinheads alone! Let ’em read till their eyes fall out. At least they’re reading BOOKS for jeebus’ sake.

As for your humble blogger, my first exposure to literature was “To Kill A Mockingbird” By Harper Lee

So there.


8 responses to “the Harry Potter thing

  1. in orange county a while back the republicans tried banning books from schools and public libraries. But based on the titles only. They had no idea what the books they banned were about. Later it was pointed out to them that the allegedly sexually explicit book “making it with mademoiselle” was actually a dress pattern book from the famous magazine

  2. Conservatives are very wary of that whole “intellect” thing. They darkly suspect it’s librul anyway.

  3. Rich: This “conservative” is far from wary of the whole “intellect” thing! If I had my way, libraries in both the counties and public schools would be replete with the classics of the western world. Sadly, western philosophical thought has fallen on hard times! From time to time, I get into reading St. Augustine. Whether one is Christian or not, it must be recognized that he has had a great effect on western philosophical thought. CB

  4. Rich: I agree that many copnservative Christians are no big fans of Harry Potter. That does not automatically mean that they are anti-intellectual. CB

  5. Yes, Rich, Talking point #392 proves beyond a doubt that “copnservative” christians are indeed intellectuals, and then it also says to scream NANCY PELOSI in a very dramatic and slightly outraged fashion.

  6. Well, I have to say, that as a (former) professional writer I find the Potter books quite well done, and have had first hand experience that many of the barbs about them not being high art come from other writers that have not been able to quit their day jobs or have even been published. She wrote to the level of the target audience, which are supposed to be around the age of her main character. So as he ages, her plots get more complicated and the vocabulary increases and it gets darker in tone. She never talked down to her reader or patronized them, and as a result kids were reading again, and that could not be bad.
    And to those who say it promoted witchcraft and therefore Satanism, might I point out that they celebrated Christmas each year at Hogwarts? I think that would in practice make them Christian if I remember my holidays correctly…

  7. Paco: Sorry about the typo; should be “conservative”. Got a question here: I am not a big fan of president Bush, nor am I a big fan of Pelosi/Reid. Oughtn’t one be able to discuss political ideas without the ad-hominums? CB

  8. CB do you always follow talking points like stating ‘Pelosi/Reid’? I bet you say ‘Demorat party’ too.

    Besides I thought you were here because of the movie reviews not the politcal discussion. One thing is certain though we can always count on you to faithfully repeat republican talking points.

    The conservatives have not only been caught Voter caging the troops now they are Billing them when they leave the military for equiptment they may have damaged, not to mention the illegal wiretapping the treasonous outing of cia operative and her front company then using a bush appointed loyalist to throw the case out, and using the Justice department to engage in Voter fraud.

    So when conservatives like you suddenly PLAY THE VICTIM I think the whole world only sees your lack of sincerity. Its just sad you people have no shame.

    I finally understand why the pro treason conservatives hate, what’s that political right term you used?, oh yeah, “Pelosi/Reid” so much. Because without them who knows what you traitors would do.

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