summer days

I‘m off work this week, and I’ve been getting ready to head up to Northern California for a few days camping at the russian River. It’s lazybear weekend there on Friday. I’ll take pics.

It’s weird. I was at the gym this morning about 10, and there were so many people there. Doesn’t anyone work anymore? And of course, the gym guy was there. I know.  Preternaturally creepy.

Also, there was this hot older guy working out, and I overheard someone point him out as Treat Williams. I thought he looked familiar. He still looks great. I was getting out of the shower and he was there taking a piss. Weird. Naked with Treat Williams. That actually happened to me once before at Gold’s in North Hollywood. But it was just Kevin Nealon. Still….. it was weird.


See you, all of my 5 or so human readers and all of you assorted spambots next week.

Till then….


3 responses to “summer days

  1. Star gym sightings can be strange. Remind me to tell you about either the time I worked out with Fabio or next to Hulk Hogan.

  2. have a fun time. I wish I could go there for it one year

  3. I almost got bowled over by Merlin Olsen at the Kingdome..

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