Lazy Bear 2007

vacation 2007 091Originally uploaded by richey rich 

Click on this pic to see all of my lazy bear pictures. In living color.
Lazy Bear 2007 was held at the Russian River town of Guerneville, near the Napa Wine country. I got there last Wednesday, after driving the 101 and stopping at all the toxic tourist sites, like Solvang and Santa Barbra.
I camped at THE WILLOWS, along with about 6000 hot HOT men. 
Picture this:Guerneville is a population normally of about 2,441 people. The attendance of Lazybear is about 6000. Do the math.


Downtown Guerneville

 And I cannot stress the hotness factor of these men. All of them hot, horny and relaxed. It literally was a dream come true. I had them parading by me as I sat at the campsite, massaging me, making out with me, etc. etc. My Bitches John and John (or Tall John and Taller John) were pea green with envy because I got ALL the attention. ….. ALL …OF …THE …ATTENTION.  My bitches L to R -John, Taller John and Sam. Jealous, bitter bitches, all of them.

I also spent some time in Bodega Bay, being such a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” which was filmed there and in nearby Bodega, Ca.

The schoolhouse used in the film, the Potter school (1873) sits on top of the hill just as it did in the film, but in the film, it was edited to appear as though it was just up the hill from the Bodega Bay pier. Not so at all. It’s really about 2 miles inland. I bet a lot of people miss it. The Tides restaurant and pier, where the main bird attack took place is still there, but has been greatly remodeled. It still has very much the small town feel it had in the film, though. Here’s how the schoolhouse looks now. oh yeah… and me too.

Here’s a link to the famous schoolhouse bird attack in “The Birds” Watch it. It’s one of the best sequences ever filmed, and certainly one of my favorites, since I was a kid.


5 responses to “Lazy Bear 2007

  1. Rich: 6000 gay guys? How does the town take it? CB

  2. very nicely. it’s a huge moneymaker for them.

  3. I guess it would be accurate to say no one who is straight goes there? I would find it “uncomfortable” to say the least. CB

  4. Awesome Clip of “the Birds” you’re looking good too!

  5. Hey Rich! Love the photos. This is “your bitch” Tall John (the one in the black shirt, i.e. the hot one…) and you are so right: I was so envious of you! Thanks again for making sure I got a space for my tent and for making Lazy Bear so memorable!


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