I feel like crap. have been all week. I think I caught west nile virus up at the river. Must be. 

Or maybe ebola.


 I haven’t much felt like writing. My energy level is dropping like the stock market. bla bla blaaaaa.

Oh, By the way Charles… yeah there were a lot of straight people up there interacting with all of the amorous bears. No one, with the exception of one very uptight, high haired Christian woman, seemed to care much. When Said woman peered into the brunch cafe she was waiting in line for on sunday morning, and saw all those lumberjacks kissing and hugging each other, she looked just as though someone had shoved a rusty pike up her wazoo. Maybe someone had. I dunno.


2 responses to “bla!

  1. Rich: It seems to me that said woman had to know there were 6000 gay bears up there! I am sure she wasn’t positively impressed by what was going on. That said, if I went to a restaurant in West Hollywood, some of that might be seen.

    That said, in a Starbuck’s (yeah!!!), I would have no qualms about talking directly with someone in the “bear” lifestyle. Continue to appreciate the online conversation here. Again, thanks! CB

  2. NO different than Spring Break at any of the popular Het locations. I am sure people there aren’t impressed with what goes on. Store owners tend to alwasy take money when it comes though.

    When I lived in Riverside there was a woman there that claimed we needed to rid the parks of gays becasue of public sex. During that time there were shootings and even a window shot out at the local gay bar. The police cheif finally solved the problem by releasing the public sex stats. There were far more arrests of heterosexuals and instances of hetero sex in public than there were by gays. the lady shut up after that. I guess it was easy for her to overlook the various inspiration points. the elevator and shopping mall sex the prostitution hang outs and various people arrested for having sex while driving. ( did anyone see that Tommy and pamela video?) Its the classic tactic that Arrogant asshole conservatives use. they focus as much attention on one group or the other without ever looking at themselves. In science you always have to establish a background and at least run controls but the Republinazi method is to throw out a laundry list and hope people are stupid enough to tak the bait.

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