tuesday of the dog days

This n that:

#1 still feeling lousy, but I’m at work. Work has been really, REALLY busy, so not much time to dick off on the internet.

#2 Because of point #1, I’ve not been to the gym which causes a prolongation of point #1. It’s a vicious cycle.

#3 So the turd blossom is pulling out of Monkeyfuck’s ass and leaving to begin his long decay under the hot Texas sun, eh?

 Well, the statute of limitations on his many, many wrong doings will far outlast his fucktard bosses “executive privilege”, so I’d say let him wait and nail his fat ass to the wall in 2008. Enjoy the retirement while you can, pasty butt!  ..And does anyone else find it ironic that his first planned activity post white house is a dove slaughter hunt? 

#4 I’ve been watching (or rather re-re-re-re watching) some great films lately. this weekend I saw “Gone With The Wind” in it’s new super high definition beautiful technicolor digital facelift and I must say DAY-UM!! It looks otherworldly beautiful. Like a 15th century dutch oil painitng. If you’ve never seen the film in it’s true technicolor, by all means see it now. It’ll knock your underwear off.

And Clark Gable was H O T!


6 responses to “tuesday of the dog days

  1. Rich: There was some controversy a few years ago when Ted Turner started “coloring” old black and white films. Do i take it that you have no problem with it? Thanks for the tip concerning “Gone With the Wind.”. CB

    CB- I wonder what would lead you to the assumption that I would approve of Ted Turner’s horrible colorizations? Can you please enlighten me as to your reasoning process which brought you to this conclusion? I’m very curious.-Rich

  2. “Fiddle-dee-dee. War, war, war; this war talk’s spoiling all the fun!”
    Wife and I have been getting into the classics too. 1939 was probably the best year ever for timeless flicks.

  3. Yeah Nolocontendre…Don’t forget “Stagecoach” and “Of Mice and Men” ..also wasn’t there some kiddie film about some fat neurotic girl who got knocked on the head and was tripping about some psychedelic dreamland full of talking blobs of hay and metal and fag lions?

  4. Speaking of that psychedelic kids movie, Have you tried the ‘dark side of the moon’ thing? It can be funny. I believe there are still a few sites that tell you how to synchronize it properly at the beginning.

  5. Rich: No deep re4flection on the “coloration!” I was just wondering. Thanks! CB

  6. Paco-I’ve never done the PINK FLOYD thing, but i’m gonna do it one of these days.

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