Leona Helmsley, dead at 197

The queen pig goblin of all time has died.

The Dick Cheney of the hotel world has croaked.

A mean, vindictive c-word has finally landed home in hell.

Threee cheers for Leona Helmsley.

Here’s what she looked like at the zenith of her evil:

And here’s what she looked like

 about 30 years after her heart turned to coal:  

For those of you who are unaware of Madame Helmsley, she started out as a cheating, grasping real estate agent in Manhattan.

She met and Married Harry Helmsley, the owner of …oh most of Manhattan Island. He was so rich he made Mr. Howell look like a share cropper. She sucked the life out of him They were married in 1973 and together cheated, demeaned and terrorized most of the eastern seaboard. 

As the terrorizing head of Helmsley Hotels international, she delighted in singling out and humiliating her employees. Especially chefs, waiters and bellmen. She would order ridiculously elaborate and complex meals, eat one bite, call the waiter and chef to her table, and fling the plates at them, calling them every name in the book and a few she made up. Her mouth was so dirty she could make a New Orleans crack whore blush.

She also delighted in screwing everyone over financially. She never paid for contracted work, and was sued dozens of times. Her husbands great power and wealth meant that she never was convicted. As a property landlord, she’d evict tenants just for fun. She was quoted as saying that tax paying was for the little people.

Uncle sam got pissed and she was caught and convicted for federal tax evasion. Her husband was too senile and ill by that point to help her, and she went to jail.

Her nickname was “The Queen of Mean”

A title which she was reportedly quite proud of.


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