assorted misc mothballs in my head

Some random stuff: 

#1 – So if a helicopter is hovering right overhead and I’m walking through the parking lot in plain sight, what would happpen if I suddenly started sprinting madly away? Would he follow me, do you suppose? Would he alert the cops on the ground, and would they stop me if I’m just running down Ventura Blvd? I wonder. In such an instance, I guess they bloody well should.

#2 – What with all this mad, crazy weather we’ve been having all over the world (except, it seems, in California), and Bush trying to start WWIII and all, I wonder…Do you suppose the rapture already happened, and no one was “saved” because God’s just said “to hell with them all, every last one of ’em” and we’re really in the middle of the tribulation? And if so, perhaps the rapture happened and only Chandra Levy was eligible? Maybe that’s really why she disappeared?

#3 If your name is Dean, or Katrina, do you now have a persecution complex? Has someone told you to quit raining on their parade? I bet that Katrinas get that shit a LOT.

#4 When I first saw “To Kill a Mockingbird”, I was about Scout’s age, and she and Jem were peers of mine. I identified with them. Now, I’m approaching Atticus’s age, and I identify with him. That movie, and even more the book it was based on, are truly part of me. I feel more possesive of them than I do of about anything I know or own.

#5 Have you ever noticed how much Dick Cheney resembles Monty Burns? Preternaturally prescient, I’d call the creators of “The Simpsons”

#6 Have you ever noticed how much George W Bush resembles a monkey’s ass?

Weird, huh?


2 responses to “assorted misc mothballs in my head

  1. The Rapture???? Interesting CB

  2. Native californians still think this weather is weird too. humidity is something new. And of course each year our snow pack gets lower and ski season starts later. I still can’t get over the fact that it rained on new years and on the parade a few days later. that was like a creepy bad omen. The June Gloom that used to stop at the OC Sandiego county line now extends throughout la county. Increase in massive algal Blooms of Psuedo nitzschia along our coast. This causes death of other marine life and damages the sport fishing industry which brings in millions to local communities.

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