Hell hath no fury….

So with all the news about this completely unbelievably moronic asswipe Senator Larry E. Craig (R- I da ho!), The parade of conservative, Republigoon hypocrites spiraling down to ignomineous degraded ruin seems never to end. Good.

However, there’s an astounding story that seems, at least to me, to have been buried. It’s repressed religious delusion and psychosis at it’s most current extreme.

Have you heard the story of President Monkeynuts’s nominee to head the FDA’s Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee? Seems that the nominee, one Dr. W. David Hager, is NOT the sane, balanced, normal Jeebus fearin’ fella that we all were just sure he was. SHOCKING! 

In a nutshell, for 30(!) years, he allegedly sodomized his wife brutally and against her will, in effect raping her, then flung money at her as compensation. But wait! there’s more!

Here’s the article, in THE NATION. read it!


A bit of background:

Dr. Hager (an OB-GYN) is a bible thumping, drooling jeebus deep deep christian of the extra fundamentalist delusional variety. You know..the kind of  nutjob who listens to Michael Savage and belongs to focus on the family. For example, He believes Women can overcome their monthy menstrual “evils” through prayer and devotion to Jeebus. ..and HE’S THE FUCKIN BUSH APPOINTEE ON WOMEN’S HEALTH IN THE FDA!

there’s so much more, about how his ex-wife finally got the balls to confront him after 30 years, about how he was totally controlling and abusive in their “family values” marriage, and about how he used her narcolepsy, brought on by the awful stress of their abusive marriage, to allegedly rape her anally. 

Here’s the article again:






One response to “Hell hath no fury….

  1. Rich: About the article: DISGUSTING!! ! If what Hager’s ex experience is truly reported, there is a wide disconnect between the Dr.’s public speeches and what he is really like. Thanks for posting it. CB

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