Monsoon and Enterprise blogging

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As you might have heard, we’ve been suffering through quite a heat wave here in Los Angeles. On Friday night at 11pm, it was still 105 outside, and Saturday during the day, my car thermometer read 118 degrees.  Opening the door of my apartment was like opening a blast furnace door. Thank god for air conditioning. The kitties ran outside and ran right back in. Seriously, in all my 43 years I’ve never experienced such heat. These huge monsoonal clouds were hanging over the San Gabriel mountains all weekend, and produced some spectacular lightning shows. Humidity was high as well.1282026883_bee9f07291_b.jpg

I hope you will give proper respect and worship to my Enterprise collection. The upper Enterprise, the movie version, was built and lighted by me, and the lower, original 1960’s T.V. version is a Master Replicas exact duplicate of the original filming miniature. Notice that the deflector dish on the movie version glows just like the filming miniature.1296149964_d763a067bc_b.jpg


3 responses to “Monsoon and Enterprise blogging

  1. Rich: Here in the Inland Empire, it was hot also. AC stopped working on Sunday, and it won’t be looked at until Thursday. CB PS Impressive model of the Enterprise.

  2. You have power! Power is good! I heard about the heat out there. I’m in Michigan, which has had it’s share of strange weather this summer, but the heat thankfully hasn’t been THAT bad.

    Props to the Enterprise.


  3. Thank you for being a bigger queer geek than I. It makes me feel down right normal.

    Yeah, right, like that will ever happen! LOL!

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