Fred Thompson

So Fred Thompson (r-yahoo) has finally gotten around to deciding that the water is warm enough to enter the race for worst repugnigoon President.




  He announced as part of an entertainment piece on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. So that’s how low the repulsicans can take our electoral process. They announce their candidacy on entertainment talk shows. I guess to keep the conversation lively? I don’t know at all what they can be thinking, if thinking you can call it. And he did it while the real republigoons were having their debate over on the other entertainment network, Faux News. 

Perhaps an announcement on “The tonight Show was appropriate, after all. Thompson is an actor, of sorts. And his campaign is certain to prove amusing.

Another failed, dimwitted actor. Lovely. Don’t repugnicans ever learn?

I first learned about this yahoo ignunt whackjob when he’d fill in for Paul Harvey on his radio commentary show. Paul Harvey is about 199 years old, so he’s absent  a lot (in more ways than one).  I’d groan when the announcer would say “And now in for Paul Harvey… Fred Thompson”. Fred would come on, sounding like sherrif Lo-bo and go into his Ann Coulterish, incoherent rant about how the dem’crats are all wrong and evil and commie and traitors because we don’t want to bomb Iraq AND Iran (pronounced Eye-raak and Eye-ran)  right back into the stone age because dammit we’re ‘murrikans and it’s our right to piss all over anyone who even looks at us funny. He sacred the shit out of me, but only at that time because he represented the loony, batshit crazy, fringe rightwing nutjob sean hannity loving mouthbreathing element that is so prevalent in this country. Now there’s a possiblility that this fuckwad COULD BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT? It’s times like these that I wish that the fairy tale about god was true and he existed. I’d be praying now.  

Please someone help me to UNDERSTAND what is WRONG with these people!


9 responses to “Fred Thompson

  1. Rich: I will give him a hearing! Have you ever wondered about Dems goin’ to “churches”? Thinking of Hillary and Ob(s)ama. Why is there something wrong with announcing on a TV talk show? It is one way to get the announcement to the public, given that Jay Leno has a large viewing audience.

    In 2004, Alan Keyes ran for the Republican Nomination and was ignored by the media. Most likely he would not have succeeded in getting the nomination. But he is intelligent, informed, and rational. Infinitely more qualified than Obama!

    “Please someone help me to UNDERSTAND what is WRONG with these people!” I could ask that about a lot of individuals. Posted in the interest of balance. CB

  2. Freddie’s an empty suit. He waited a long time to announce because after doing so he’d have to actually enunciate his policies, and once this dunce finally opens his piehole people will understand he’s a few slices of meat short of a sandwich. He’s a joke, in other words.

  3. “Oh, shit! That kid? He’s dumb as hell.” — Richard Nixon, on Watergate tapes, after being told Fred Thompson was hired as Republican counsel

  4. Its amazing how Jay Leno also gave free air time to Ahnold to launch his campaign.

  5. Nolocontendre- I hope you’re right. But after monkeynuts, I’ll never underestimate the morons in this country again. They’d elect a fuckwad like Bush, they’d elect a fat jabbering baboon like Thompson.

    Paco – You’re right…As always!

    Charles – You’re a moron… As always!

  6. Nolocontendere and Rich: On first impression, Sen Thompson seems to lack the sharpness of the other candidates. On the other hand, there are candidates whose statements might be made in a clear, sharp manner, but which utterly lack any real content! Worse, what they may say reflects a misunderstanding of the world as it really is, and of what this nation ought to be constitutionally. CB PS. Any reactions to Mark Levin, on KABC in LA?

  7. Hi Rich, thanks for all the nice comments you left on my site! Living in another country I do not know all the ins and outs of who’s running for what etc, But one thing I do know is I would never ever vote Republican if I lived in the USA. They are as bad as the conservative party over here in England. How the hell George Bush ever got a second term never mind a first one bewilders so many people in this country. I hope in 2008 common sense will prevail and America will have its first female president!

  8. Mark: Good to see some input from Great Britain! IMHO, Hillary is pandering too much. No problem with a females pres, as long as she has some principles. apparently lacking in Hillary’s case. CB

  9. A lawyer friend once told me that when you have no real arguments, attack character. That pretty much explains the republican mantra ” character matters”

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