6 years ago today

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From: rich c [mailto:richc764@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:08 AM
To: anna; billy; billy on tatooine; bobby;
CAROLANNE; Carolyn; CHuck;
Dominick; durwood; Bobbi
 ;Stefanie ;George; heather; Jimmy; Joanne Work; kathy; kelllsey;
kitty; Doug
Leonard; meow!; Bill Metz; Mom; monsieur Dean; ken
raymond; rick; roth
robrock; scotty s; Bob Thurman; Carolyn; Paul
Wiley; ken work
Subject: please help

i am a travel agent in need of news today. if anyuone
hears on the t.v. or radio of any news of FLIGHT
RESUMPTION in the wake of todays attack, please email
me here. do not reply to this email unless you have
news. this building blocks out all outside radio
communication, so i’m in the dark
thank you- rich

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10 responses to “6 years ago today

  1. today also marks the day that, Mark bingham along with several other passengers of flight 93 fought back. Mark was the Rugby player all the news stations focused on. They even reported that this guy beat up 2 would be muggers single handedly. But then word got out that the team he played for was a GAY rugby team. Suddenly all storiess excluded him and focused on others. Mark was gay and a member of the bear community inSF and LA.

  2. I was part of a Men’s group with Mark Bingham in SF back in 1999. he always laughed at my comments and stories. whenever I said anything he’d always perk up and have that anticipatory smile on his face, waiting, I could tell, for my comment to be funny. I had such a crush on him. He once bought me popcorn at a movie we all went to. He was a sweet guy.

  3. oh that’s so sweet. I’m surprised I never ran into him. But your story really paints a great picture of him. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I too have heard of Mark Bingham. That he was gay had nothing to do with the courage he exhibited, along with the other passengers of flight 93, in the face of certain death. CB

  5. no that he was gay had everything to do with why the conservative biased media tried to erase him from history. It also has everything to do with why conservative assholes like you feel a need to comment to downplay his contributions to the gay community. Not only was he generous but the fact that he was uc berkleys star rugby player and joined a gay league helped bring popularity to the sport within the gay community before and after his death.
    but thanks for being an insulting asshole.

    Thank you mark Bingham for being out and proud unlike larry craig

  6. and your POINT, Charles, is … What?

    Please, help me to understand you.

  7. His point is that it is ok for the news to mention the spouses boyfriends and girlfriends of all the other people on the flight emphasizing that they are heterosexual but the same rule doesn’t apply to mark because conservatives are hypocrites. How shameful and disrespectful!

  8. Rich: My point is this…Mark Bingham demonstrated extroardinary courage on that flight. To leave him out of coverage because he was gay is wrong. BTW Paco, I was not being insulting. Yes, I have religious convictions, but in the melting pot that is, or should be, the USA, the only label that is important, IMHO, is “American”. CF Lee Greenword’s “I am proud to be an American…”

  9. Another typo: should be Lee Greenwood. CB

  10. yes of course! that is the latest conservative talking point. don’t recognize anyone so you can continue discriminating without consequences. And yes you are insulting. You had the opportunity to offer condolences to Rich for the loss of a friend and share in honoring those that fought back on 9/11 but instead you used the opportunity to inject your petty activist diatribe. Its sad that in this day and age we live with the fact of conservative media bias and yet petty activists like you believe no one should even be able to share a blog among close friends without some activist making sure nothing can be said without being sure conservative talking points get shoved down everyone’s throat.

    Anyway Mr foot tapping religious convictions, I hope you enjoy all the musclebear blogs you troll.

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