megamonster.jpgwanna see something amazingly horrendously APALLING? CLICK THIS OL PIC!

Hi there! Happy Thursday to ya from lovely Encino, California! Home of the most overindulged, overpriveleged, and most taste-challenged folks in the solar system!

This mostrosity thumbnailed above might appear to be a photo of an Embassy Suites under construction, but it isn’t. Its a mega corner lot mansion under construction in an ordinary neighborhood in Encino. This is a side view is of the Mansionoid. It’s surrounded by a 12 foot high wall, but I caught this shot one day recently when the side gate was open, and I was able to glimpse the mega monster gigantoid mansion being built within. There are four chimneys, and I count at least 80 windows. Note the parking garage, able to house a whole fleet of Escalades. The pile is about 2 blocks south of  Ventura Blvd.

Now here below we have a more garden variety of suburban mutant horror. As you can see, this affront to good taste is deposited like a giant turd in the middle of what was once a nice little neighborhood.


click to enlarge

Note if you will the sheer pomposity and garishness of the front facade. I hope you appreciate, as I do, the craptastic columns which suggest a hint of early funeral parlor.


To give you proper scale of the way overlarge “grande entrance” front door, note the size of the SUV parked in front. Furthermore, I can’t tell if all of the junk deposited on the front lawn  parking strip is crap intended for the interior, or just garbage. With such awful taste, who knows what they’ll stuff it with? Also please note that the monster is planted on the entire lot, with no allowance for any side or back yard. The folks unfortunate enough to happen to live behind them now get to enjoy the back of this hell home frowning right over their back fence. Bye bye trees and sky!. Hello, 2 1/2 story stucco turd! Yay!, and I bet they only paid 1.2 mil for that to happen to them! If it were my house they were ruining, I’d give the tacky, pompous fuckwads a couple of shoulder launched missiles as housewarming gifts.

And here we have 2 examples of botched architectural facelifts. these are the stupid, dumbass probable republicans who are too cheap to raze and mutate their modest, harmonious homes. So they just tack on some ostentatious, out of place overlarge grande doors and call it ugly.




  1. are you sure its not new disney offices. I know the origional ones were made to look like the 7 dwarves houses. Maybe this is supposed to look like the haunted mansion

  2. Funny! Laughed as I read your comments concerning those architectural eyesores. CB

  3. Rich: According to Good Morning America, the housing crunch may be putting a damper on “mcmansions.” Thought of these pics when I hears it. CB

  4. Congressman for Encino is Brad Sherman, a Democrat…interesting! CB

  5. I don’t usually tell tales or divulge sex stories, but in this case I had to make an exception. Brad Sherman is such a hottie. After we tapped feet together in the men’s restroom at Yummy Burger I crawled under the divider and and worked my way up to belt level. Now I have been with political figures before, Larry Craig pretty much proves that tall in stature doesn’t really translate into well anything. But i read Brad’s shirt which said “I’m not bald, its a solar panel for a sex machine” and I knew I was in for a good time. Then unzipping his pants revealed and appendage so so large the stall barely could accommodate the 3 of us. I climbed the stall wall and precosiously positioned my puckering pooper against his pendulous pole preparing myself for his praiseworthy penetration. OH..MY..GOD!!!I never thought I could his girth let alone tak as much of length as I did. His manhood was so humoungous when he finally shot his load it shot out my nose!!! Later that day my co-workers were offering me kleenex for my cold and I would just smile and GLOW.

  6. Charles, you really need psychological help. please consult your local listings. do it today! please!

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