Reflections on pillars of salt, Gilligan’s transistor radio, and other things

So it’s been a really weird weekend at the Eagle. Both nights have seen an invasion of rubber cats and mice. Not at all unlike this:


or this:


One little kitty, who was wearing a little curly tail butt plug said ot her mousy boyfriend: “I’ll have to be sqatting over the shitter when I’m takin’ this out”

yes, I know.

And I’m very sorry.

Also, the toxic pixy was quite ebullient on Friday night. He even made a pass at me. I was standing on the patio talking to Dave when the toxic pixy walked by and said “You know, I’ve always thought that there was something about you that is very hot. I’ve never put my fingers on it, but one day, I’m going to put my fingers all over it.

I immediately turned into a pillar of salt.

Dave just laughed. Bastard.

Do any of you five readers remember “Gilligan’s Island”? You do? Good. Remember the famous deux-ex-machina, the 8th castaway. the radio?

it looked like this:


and now it’s in my collection, and today it looks like this:


Isn’t that cool? I can’t tell you how I got it, but it’s a packard-Bell 8 transistor radio, and it is,  as you can see, the same as the one on the infamous 1960’s I used to make and sell copies of this on the internet. Through Hollywood connections, I got ahold of one of the originals.  It still works quite well, too. The antennae was added just for looks. The real antennae is inside, and It was originally made not as a portable radio, but to be mounted on the wall!. The T.V. producers added the handle.

Here’s another angle:


oh yeah..that’s a 23rd century cell phone in front of it.


8 responses to “Reflections on pillars of salt, Gilligan’s transistor radio, and other things

  1. Freaky on the rubber
    Freakier on the Pixy
    Coolbeans on the Radio!

  2. A Dark smokey bar
    Sleek Silhouettes Embracing
    Lick My Rubber Mask!

    Chaotic white noise
    From transistor radio
    Suddenly a voice!

  3. You’ve out geeked me again. My vintage Adam 12 lunch box signed by Kent McCord pales next to the radio.

  4. Hey – I’m certainly not JMG – but nice blog!

  5. That small trough on that one mask isn’t for Kool-Aid, is it? Y’know, I live in San Francisco and am not unacquainted with South of Market, but that mask is a new one for me. Ewww.

    I need to go shopping…

  6. Looking at that 23rd century cell phone is a bit spooky.

    It looks like Motorola will STILL be making the RAZR even in the 23rd century 😉

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  8. awesome, i love that!

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