Oh, you know…

So there’s this guy at the afternoon gym who I’ve mused about for about 3 years or so. He comes in usually about the same time as myself, so we’re usually changing at the same time. He’s very attractive in a normal, unobtrusive way. Nice build, average height, average looks, average build. Never ever have I heard him speak to anyone, or make eye contact or any sort of contact at all ever. To anyone. Ever. He’s extremely upright, walking with a crisp, quick, ramrod straight gait. Always. From his car (a BMW) to the gym, from the locker room to the floor, and from machine to machine always ramrod straight, no nonsense and F-O-C-U-S-E-D.

I have no idea, really, whether he’s straight or gay or whatever. There’s never been a hint of personality to tell. Since I am anything but the chatty sort myself, I’m not liable to find out.  I wonder what people at the gym think of me? Or if they do at all? Among gay men I’m not “hot” so I don’t really exist. Straight people don’t regard me much, either. So I doubt if I’m much noticed at all. Interesting, and I hope never to know for sure.


3 responses to “Oh, you know…

  1. I have to disagree with the “I’m not hot” comment mate 🙂

  2. Its one of those things buddy, we all wonder at times what everybody else is thinking. Sometimes I have forgot myself and actually thought aloud to the amusement of the people that heard it. Then when I see guys I think are straight looking at me even with the slightest smile and I think, ” does he like me in that way, or was that just a ” hello ” smile. Most of the times when I see hot guys im thinking that if they do look or smile at me, I am hoping it is in a flirty way. God I am such a dreamer l;ol

  3. I think we’re all the same as far as that goes Mark.

    We always hope the cute guy just *might* be interested. 🙂

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