No poor child left unscrewed

So I’m sure you’ve read by now that president monkeynuts executed the 4th veto of his failed, dismal presidency yesterday when he vetoed health care for children. Yes, he screwed the poor kids again. He said we can’t afford it. There’s too much killin to do in eye-rack and it costs money. After all, he just asked Congress for another 21 jillion for the occupation. Fuck the children. Who cares when you gots yerself a war to lose?

The evil of the right wing has no bottom. It knows no end. This asshole has only pulled his veto pen out of his hole to strike down the following:

The Troops (veto #2)

Medical research advances (#’s 1 and 3)

Childrens health and welfare

Nice record. Nice legacy. And there are still morons who support this cretin. Unbelievable, but true.

These shit brained morons  are exceeded in their uncloaked evil only by their bat-shit bonkers insanity. Here’s an example of their craven lunacy that I found on Try to wrap your head around this big sip of dumbshit soup:


While the motives of the Democrats may be to attempt to provide assistance to working families with children,…No, that’s a misnomer, what the democrats want is political power and they use any avenue to achieve their goal.

If providing assistance to some at others cost helps them to achieve their primary goal of political power they are all for it.

God bless the U.S.A. for when democrats are in power you are on your own but with a hefty tax for appreciation for your individualist mindset.

Family and municipalities be damned!

We are due for a good dose of praying right now.

5 posted on 10/03/2007 4:05:24 PM PDT by EGPWS (Trust in God, question everyone else)

WOW! just totally amazing. So this Koolaid chugging, inbred fuckwad considers itself a Christian? Excuse me, but didn’t their exalted hippy god Jeebus say QUITE A BIT about helping those poor and needy? Is there any..I mean ANY tenet of Christ’s teachings that they haven’t mocked, mangled, and shit on? Is it evil, or just defective grey matter? Both?

I quote:

If providing assistance to some at others cost helps them to achieve their primary goal of political power they are all for it.”

So… I take it that this means that the only reason anyone might try to help some sucker who’s underprivileged would have to be for some angle to attain some personal benefit. Wow. How astonishingly cynical. They hold up a mirror to themselves and jeer at their own images.

I see no hope for these people ever. They are beyond redemption because they have not the wit nor basic intelligence to understand or reason. It’s simply beyond their powers. You might as well be angry with a pengiun because it won’t learn calculus, no matter how long you drill it.


4 responses to “No poor child left unscrewed

  1. Well of course he screwed over the kids health, after all the little buggers are too young to vote so why would he give a shit? Pah!!!

  2. To the writer:
    I’m sorry but I really think you need to know that the way you communicate your point does not command respect or a believing ear in any way. If you want someone to listen, please don’t spew highschool language all over the place. I don’t mean for this to be judgemental or anything like that; I mean for it to help you in the future–if you will listen.

  3. Oh and one more thing, please don’t talk about my God, who saved mine and many other lives, that way.

  4. yeah, you’re absolutely right. My language, when I get angry, is pretty fucked up. I’ll sure try to clean that shit up in the future.
    I’m curious, though.. How did Jeebus save your life? was he on the voluntary fire brigade or something?

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