Dave’s Documentary


So tonight at midnight, Dave is showing a sneak preview of his much anticipated, amazingly great Documentary “The Reinactors”. I’m bringing my camera.

This film tells the story, in a very entrancing and humorous way, of the freaks who troll Hollywood Blvd in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in bad, sometimes tragic and awful, celebrity costumes. I’ve personally been there whilst Dave was filming and have witnessed the freakery up close. The creepiest one is the psycho who plays Superman. He’s D-I-S-TU-R-B-E-D. The most amazing thing is the tourists who let their kids be held by these homeless crackheads. They have no idea who these people really are.

Superturd and Dyna-pig

I gotta say that the guy who plays Batman (a dead ringer for George Clooney, really) is a nice weirdo. He’s very sweet. So is his wife. They come across reasonably well.The rest of them, not so much. Especially the shreaking virago who fancies herself Marilyn Monroe but is much, much closer to a glue sniffing Phyllis Diller in a k-hole.


Take a look at this review, and also I’ve linked to the trailer here.

It’s going onto the film festival circuit, and hopefully will see a Sundance screening. 

5 responses to “Dave’s Documentary

  1. Is that one guy supposed to be pinhead from hellraiser? Tell him, Not even close! lol

  2. Ugh you forgot to say where!

    Sounds like a fun movie. Growing up in OC I always thought it would be great to do a documentary on ‘Granny Dumping’ and other such crimes committed by the superficial people that live there.

  3. Is that you in the first pic with that black goatee, if it is, can I move over there and marry you?

  4. Sorry to disappoint you. No. That is not me. That is my film maker friend Dave Markey. He’s taken.

  5. Well your both sooooooooooo sexy!

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