“I am the asshole of your nightmares”

Man, it really disgusts me when pompous asses display their arrogance online on sites like BigMusclebear or Bear 411. You know ..the “I am so hot” assholes who brag about their bodies whilst unwittingly displaying their shallowness of character. You know, if you have to say that you’re hot..you’re probably not.

case in point:

On Bear 411 the other day, I came across a profile by someone, we’ll call him ” 2hot4u”.

Well “2hot4u” thinks quite a lot of himself. At one point, his profile says “I am the furry muscleman of your dreams!!!”

So I was in an ornery, bitter mood, so I IM’d him back and said:

how do you know that?

he replied: 


Oh really? How amazingly presumptuous. And it’s funny…I don’t remember having sex with him..so how does he know what the muscleman of my dreams might be? It certainly would never be him. He’s the asshole of my rant, certainly. He is NOT the muscleman of my dreams.

What a prick.


4 responses to ““I am the asshole of your nightmares”

  1. Was his name Miranda Priestly?

  2. I completely agree with you buddy. I was a member of a few sites and ended up coming off them as the guys on those sites were only in love with themselves. Complete pompous , arrogant ass holes they were.

  3. One day out of his ‘roided out ass his liver will desend…Or would that be his kidney?

  4. you could always send him this link anonymously

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