Guess who’s coming to dinner?

So starting on Thursday, I’m hosting a guest kitty for a month.That is to say that the Bug and William will be hosting this kitty, and I’ll be monitoring the fallout.

One of my co-workers is going on a one month cruise somewhere or other, and she needed someone to watch her kitty. Since a month is too long a time for a cat to live alone in an empty house, and a kennel is an awful solution, I volunteered to foster this cat for the duration. She’s a very small tortoise shell tabby who just walked into Susan’s house about a year ago and decided that A) she would do as her new mother and B) that the house was really all hers from that moment onward.

So this last Saturday, Susan brought the kitty over to do a “test run” to see how the kitty, named “spice” (cute) would interact with the Bug and William.

They totally, completely, utterly ignored her.

The bug even decided to make a point about it and sat FACING the wall for 10 minutes.

Spice ran into the closet and hid.

We fetched her out and placed her on the bed next to William. He spat at her and swiped at her, and being the brave man that he is (not), he ran under the bed.

My butch, macho kitty. afraid of a 1 year old girl. Lord almighty.


3 responses to “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. Spice Kitty?

  2. I so enjoyed reading that post buddy. I love the way animals sometimes react to each other and their little odd ways etc. When you mentioned about the bug facing the wall for ten minutes, I laughed out loud as I could just picture that. It sounds like a scene from a Disney movie. I just love animals. I could sit all day and just watch the way they behave. They make me smile more than humans every time!

  3. I would say that was a successful test run.

    We just got a kitty from the shelter this past weekend as a companion for our dog (he had a kitty before) and their first meeting was one of indifference, it was perfect!

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