Halloween patrol

I took some preview pics of my halloween costume. I’m going to the Eagle’s “OINK” party next friday, and to a cop costume party on Saturday, so I want to get some feedback on the look. do I look like a dork? I know I do in this pic:



4 responses to “Halloween patrol

  1. Damn Mr, you look so hot in that costume, with all these wild fires you guys are having being that hot can’t be legal can it? 😉

    I’ve just been catching up on the blogrolls and I found your comment on Romachs page. Thanks very much mate, it means a lot to me (and I’m not joking about).

  2. Thanks, Bearpup!
    I really appreciate the support! It’s hard to post pics like that and get almost no response, when you can see that people are looking at it.
    So far, judging from the response, it’s one in favor and eight who say I look stupid/awful or whatever.

  3. You’ve had 8 bad comments? Really?

    I am surprised.

    It’s a costume for heavens sakes, not material for the fashion police!

  4. Now all you need is the motorcycle and the reflecive sunglasses. No maybe thats CHiPs. Anyway You look hot

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