Evening views of the fire

So you might have heard that we’ve been having a bit of a problem down here in the So Cal area with wildfires. Lots of them. The Santa Ana winds have been truly phenomenal these past few days. It’s been truly epic. I’ve never seen them so strong. In some areas, like in the canyons, wind speeds have been clocked at 110mph, which is level 2 hurricane speed. It’s been so severe that you cannot stand up in them. This factor, added to the high heat ( 89 yesterday …89! in late october!!!) and low humidity makes for hellish fire conditions. All of Malibu is up in smoke and flames. The picture directly below was taken from Hollywood yesterday about 5pm, and you can see the blanket of smoke from the Malibu fire that is covering the valley, as it hits the base of Mt Cahuenga, near the Hollywood sign. You can click on this picture to enlarge it.


This picture below was taken from my apartment parking lot. That’s what I’m breathing now. Atomized plazma t.v.’s and SUV’s and leather couches from the mega-rich Malibu Mansions that are going up in flames.


Another view from Van Nuys, near my Apartment. Note the darker smoke near the horizon. Malibu is 35 miles or so from my home.resiz2.jpg

The Santa Anas are no better today. The winds are still fierce and capable of spreading these fires lightening fast. there are four or five fire areas in the greater LA/Orange county area, and all are out of control. My sinuses are stinging and I have a headache, but there’s nothing to be done about it. My car had a thick layer of white ash on it, and it’ll have another by the time I leave work today.


5 responses to “Evening views of the fire

  1. Rich: Take care! The air around here (San Bernadino County, isn’t any better. Sup[posed to hit over 100 degrees tomorrow. CB

  2. “Atomized plazma t.v.’s and SUV’s and leather couches from the mega-rich Malibu Mansions that are going up in flames.”

    Sounds like you’re pleased about it.

  3. not at all

  4. I was watching it all on tv buddy. It looked truly awful so I hope you are ok. My sis lives in Moorpark outside LA and she said they were a bit close to her too. But I think the firemen handled the fires near her very well. But she was still ready with all the kids for evacuation etc. Mother nature seems to be getting more and more angry with this planet. Whatever next? You be safe my friend!

  5. I have brother and nephew out there battling the blazes. Its tough because so many plants form Chapparal to forested areas depend on fire regeneration so they concentrate volitile compounds in their leaves and the fires burn hotter and faster. Even if your not in the area other plants release heat stabile toxins into the air as they burn meaning there will be a toll to pay on the health of the general public.

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