I won!

So last night, I wore my cop uniform to the eagle “oink” party. Since it was halloween themed, you were suppose to dress in a piggy theme. What’s better than a cop uniform, then?

So anyway, I won the grand prize, which was a gift basket of t-shirts/a sling/jockstrap and a cockring which, and I don’t want to brag here, but it’s WAAAY too small for me. I’ll post some pics of the swag when I get home. Oh….also, there was a prize of $ 100.00 cash which I promply lost. Later, Dave found it on the floor of the bar. Stupid nitwit me. So I gave him half the prize. I tried to give it all to him on the principle of finder’s keepwes, but he wouldnt take it. I’ll have to buy him a bunch of drinks.

Not to brag (ha!) but guys were falling all over themselves for me in this uniform. They nearly rubbed all the black off it! heee hee! Even the bear heathers took note of me.

I guess clothes do make the man. Tonight is the hot party full of men in leather that I’ll be wearing it to, and which I made it expressly for.


8 responses to “I won!

  1. Congrats! you really do look hot in the uniform. Who are the bear heathers? is that heathers like in the movie heathers?

    Absolutely. The awful bear heathers. Just ask them if they’re hot. they’ll tell you.-rich

  2. I told you that you looked hot in that outfit 😉

    Congrats fella, it’s well deserved!

  3. Oh fuck you look so hot in that!

  4. My oh My Rich. I near creamed my pants when I seen your pic. It sounds like you had a really great night buddy. And judging on how well you look I am not at all surprised that you won. Even bigger WOOFS! to ya 😉

  5. Congrats, I once won a contest (not halloween) at a bar and all I got was a bottle of Jack Daniels! Well I guess that’s not too bad in the long run.

  6. Michael – what did you win for? inquiring minds want to know!!

  7. Bear Heathers… What is their damage! Maybe they ate a brain tumour for breakfast.

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