kitteh blogging

This is a nice pic that I finally managed of my houseguest, Spice. The Bug, in the foreground here, is still fascinated with her, but she continues to shun both him and William. She must be a lesbian kitty. She’s very affectionate with me, though.

As far as we know, she’s about 2 years old, and a tortoiseshell tabby. I have her with me till her mom gets home from her cruise on 11/19




7 responses to “kitteh blogging

  1. careful with cats and dracaenas. they are toxic to kitties.

  2. what’s a dracaenas?

  3. the plant in the above pic is a dracaena. Dracaenas produce toxins to keep insects away but these same toxins are bad for kitties too. The plant isn’t very tasty to cats so that usually keeps them from eating too much of it. But I would keep an eye on the cat in the photo to make sure it doesn’t keep chewing on that plant. If it does, move the plant somewhere else

  4. Paco: Good point re dracaena. CB

  5. Spice has that “screw with me and I’ll eat your liver” look.

  6. I think they are so cute!!!!!

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