Despair High

These are some pictures that I took of the lovely and charming Camino Nuevo High School in Los Angeles.


This soul- killing architectural abomination was recently built on a traffic median where Beverly Blvd splits off into two thoroughfares – Temple Blvd and SilverLake Blvd.


It’s just one long 2 storey cement block building plopped down onto a median strip.

Oh… you might notice that the structure has no windows.

That’s right.

No windows.

There is also no play field, no quad, no parking lot, no green area.

This is the most egregious example I’ve seen of the modern prison block school buildings which are popping up around this area. These abortions seem designed to stifle the human spirit, to turn their occupants into robots. Who ever heard of a high school with no goddamned gym or playing field? No trees? No fuckin windows! Cheee-rist!

Of course it’s built in a neighborhood that’s 98% hispanic, so why bother to make the place attractive and human? It’s just for a buch of Mexicans, right? It depresses the hell out of me. What are we becoming?

And how is your day?

The next post I promise won’t be so hopeless and depressing.


8 responses to “Despair High

  1. That is a complete abomination! I thought it was some sort of a storage facility for nuclear waste! My god, it seems we are going back in time rather than going forward. Using a word the Brits seem to use especially in those period drama movies, its simply Monstrous!!!!

  2. Ugh!! To call this an “abomination” has to be an understatement! I can’t help but wonder if a school is designed like a prison, will the students ACT like prisoners? CB

  3. Wait there is an explanation. I talked to the architect and he said he was very inspired by the movie ‘Pink floyd’s The Wall’. Although you really can’t see it it in these picks, on the other side of the buiding is the cone where all the ground beef comes out. Now isn’t that clever? Ya gotta love the artistic value of it.

  4. Paco: Ground beef? Could that be a comment on what happens to brains/intelligence in the LAU”S”D? CB

  5. I don’t know CB. Been too busy lately engineering antibodies to cure various cancers. But hey unwelcome losers like you spend all day spitting out talking points fed to you by your wingnut party so you don’t have to think (Ground Beef). Thanks for proving that point once again CB aka crusty burger.

    Btw Whatever happened to claim that you were here for the movie reviews you pathetic closet queen? ROFLMAO!!!

  6. But the snazzy paint job makes up for the design shortcomings.

  7. Almost as big a disaster as the Belmont Leaning Center. But at least this thing was actually built.

  8. Monstrous indeed. Makes all those suburban cinder block schools I went too seem lovely by comparison. Who wouldn’t love to play hooky from that?

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